Some old tips

Hello to all lovers of drums and music! I will present you some thoughts about drumming and music briefly. I will also present some exercises for the beginners. My opinion is that a drum is an instrument that can be played by everyone. You don`t need to have a talent or special musical abilities. It is all about beating on different things and in this case we`ll call them drums. The point in drums is to create a rhythm and also a melody. The fact is if you want to play »correct«, you need to have some basic knowledge such as how to hold the stics, basic drum setting-up kit engagement, basic beats, accuracy, technique etc.

I would like to point out:

  • Too much self-confidence
    A big mistake of every drummer is that they are satisfied with their knowledge too soon. A drum (as most of the instruments) is an instrument that needs time for playing to reach the level of quality and also the speed. So you have to face that there is a long way to become a good drummer. Sometimes the way is shorter, sometimes it is a long way you have to walk.
  • Learning
    The second problem is self-learning and schooling of drummers. Drummers who are self-learners from the beginning tend to overestimate their abilities and are desultory drummers. Most of the schooled drummers are narrow minded and play only what they have learnt. I think that the drummers who combines the knowledge and the achievements with what they have learnt and they are still learning are very talented ones.
  • Engagements (Setting-up kit)
    Problems are usually with engagements of the ensemble. Some drummers interrupt themselves on relaxing playing. Every cymbal, drum or any other percussion has to be easily reached. If you don`t take this in option, reliability suffers.
  • Accuracy
    One of the biggest problems drummers and musicians face is accuracy. The drummer has the biggest responsibility here. If the drummer »skis« slalom, the whole group will do it. You can easily solve that problem by using a methronome. But it is also good to exercise drumming without it. You can find out your weaknesses if you play without it.
  • Experiences
    You need playing and a lot of exercises. If you practise a lot, this is something every drummer needs the most. You should have a group which is the best practice. Concerts are very good practice. A drummer who has a lot of performances gets experiences, self-confidence and quality. I suggest playing and listening to different styles of music.
  • Think as a musician
    A lot of drummers has  a wrong approach to music and the instrument. They don`t know that a drum is also an instrument to create music with it. A guitar has its accord, a drum has its tone. So the rhythm is not the point in it but how we play it and which drums we use.
  • A technic
    The technic is a method which makes playing easier and takes care of the quality of playing. If you learn the technical base at the beginning, you can produce your own technic later on. We have got a hundred drummers and as many different technics.
  • A sound
    Drums are tuned differently as most of the instruments. There are no rules for the tunning. They can be tuned differently (every drum has its own tone) which goes in a sequence (a smaller drum – higher tone, a bigger drum – lower tone). Drummers usually neglects the sound of drums. Every drum which is appropriatly tuned can have its own good sound and energy we want to get from it.
  • A dynamics
    A conception that is a flavour of music. You have to mark yourself when you play silently, loudly or something between. Play with the group and don`t let the guitar players be louder than you!