Soki’s drum sticks made by TAMA

All these years of drumming I was searching those kind of sticks that fit into my hands in all situations. That kind of problem remained till today. I used to like more heavy sticks or thin sticks, sometimes also longer ones. I have tried severeal alternate sticks and marks.

Most of my time i was using TAMA Power Tools HM3 model. Unfortunately they have stopped manufacturing this model. HM3 vas an 5B with great balance and existence. I was searching for similar model for a very long time. I found H215B (hickory) or O215B (oak) which I was using a lot.

It was an honour to make my own patent together with TAMA. This model is taken out of H215B. The head of the stick is B-Ball. Stick is 6 mm longer than standard model and the diameter is something between H214B and H215B (5A and 5B).

I have created a stick for all my situatations of playing music and if I want to be a bit snicky I can turn it around and achieve a destroying moment :).

You can try the sticks in spring 2014 and you can also get it at music stores next year. I will be glad to hear your opinion.

After 10 years of playing TAMA sticks I can assure that TAMA sticks are the best. Try it!