Project 20 for 20

We give musical instruments to our offspring and children

Project »20 for 20« is currently the biggest reason for my happiness! When I reached 20 years of drumming I tried to celebrate it by doing something good. So I invited 20 Slovenian music artists to join. Together we created a 4-hour documentary DVD where I am performing with every one of them and they also join me for an interview »without censorship«. But the story does not end here.

Today the DVD is available at different places around Slovenia and you can become a donator for the DVD – the amount is up to you. Donators are individuals, companies, different organizations, musicians, athletes and also the president of Slovenia Borut Pahor. Together we are changing the music future of Slovenian children. Al the donations are used for buying new instruments for primary schools. I visit and give instruments to at least one school per month. And what do they get? A set of drums, an electric guitar, bass guitar, cajon, amplifiers, …

While giving instruments to the children, the joy is indescribable - also with me and the teachers. And together we are moving forward and in the right direction. The project is not time limited and I believe that with the help of all of you who »get me« and care, I will be able to play »Santa« for quite some time.