Klemen from Ljubljana is asking:

"I’m accompaning you for years, even when you played with Billys Private Parking. I never had an opportunity to ask you about your performance which is very special, interesting and prominent. What is the secret of your performance. Do you have to practice it a lot?"

I can’t say that my performance has any secrets. I remember from the beginning of my music career that my stage perfomances looked as I have hornets in my back. That’s what people use to say about me. Simply, I am who I am and I don`t practise my performance at all, it comes naturally. When I’m practicing at home alone or together with my band I never outburst like it happens on concerts. What happens on stage, even I don’t know for sure. It`s actually really simple, my passion for music just takes me somwhere high. Many times I hurt my self durig concerts and I do not notice it not until the end of the show. Weals, blisters, abrasions are frequent injuries I`m familiar with.

Most of the thigs that happen on concerts are spontaneous. Some of them are part of the show, but most of them aren’t.  Sometimes people say that I’m showing off, but this is also a part of music life. It doesn’t matter what others might say, the only thing that counts is how you fell and enjoy it. My personal view is I`d rather see a good peroformance and energetic musicians who can surprise the audience, rather than "dead", boring musicians. Even if they are virtuoso.